14 May 2019

Some items of interest

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music has included my flute piece Harmattan [from Desert Winds for flute & piano] in their new woodwind syllabus [grade 4]

Some performances this year:

June 12th  7.30 pm   Pieces from In the Shadows performed by the Marsyas Trio at 1901 Arts Club 7 Exton St London SE1 8UK


March 24th 1.30 pm. A rehearsal of my Toccata Sinfonica  #1 given by the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra at Herne Hill United Church.

August 5th-11th The Chicago-based flutist Robin Meiksins will workshop my flute solo Chameleon. More information on this later.

September 29th 7.30 p.m. at St George the Martyr, Borough High Street, SE1 1JA Toccata Sinfonica No. 1 performed by the London Contemporary Chamber Orchestra



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